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Wow, I'm in tears of pride, because: 🎉 SHE DID IT!!! 🎊🍾🥂 This Sunday at the World Dog Show in Leipzig our very own Benigna Hokori of the Kochi Castle “Bonsai” became 🌟🏆JUNIOR WORLD WINNER🏆🌟 and even Best Junior of Breed against a stunning junior male Winner!

I am so proud and so grateful and so humble that she got awarded this incredible title under such a highly respected judge, Guido Schäfer, who took the time to judge 47 beautiful Tosas strictly, thoroughly and extensively.

Unfortunately though the judging ended so late that we missed out on the main ring because we had to register at prejudging 60 minutes in advance!!!! Shame on the stewards that refused me at the main ring entrance!

All in all this weekend was a unique and tremendous and exhausting experience, simply to be at the largest dog show ever to have taken place ever (more than 34.000 dogs entered). I’m not easily nervous or impressed or overwhelmed, but WDS Leipzig did all that.

💐 I warmly congratulate all the winners and vice-winners, and thank all those who entered their dogs, because together we created and improved a fantastic representation of the breed. Most of you I met for the first time, and I hope to see you again sometime.

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